Pros and Cons of Medi-Share

Posted on January 18th, 2019 By WACDMediaAdmin

With the rise of the Affordable Care Act, there has been an explosion of growth for health care sharing ministries like Medi-Share. Many people aren’t sure what the difference and benefits of Medi-Share are vs normal health insurance. We are now past the period of open enrollment for 2019, which means that your options for insurance are limited. If you are eligible for special election periods, then you are able to purchase health insurance. These special election periods include having a baby, getting married, etc. The other option you have during anytime of the year is enrolling in a ministry like Medi-Share.

Medi-Share is one of the largest health care sharing ministries in the United States. One of the requirements for all of these cost-sharing programs is that they must be not-for-profit. They are also all faith-based organizations and expect their members to share some of the same beliefs.  

Medi-Share has pre-negotiated rates when using certain health care providers. This does not mean that members have to use a specific in-network provider, but the amount of sharing may be limited

Now to give some of the pros of Medi-Share!

  • It is often more cost-effective compared to traditional insurance.
  • Membership can’t be terminated because of a medical condition.
  • With a few exceptions, there are no annual or lifetime limits with Medi-Share.
  • Some adoption and funeral expenses can be shared by Medi-Share members.
  • Membership price is the same regardless of where you live or your employment status.

There are some considerations Medi-Share. Medi-Share isn’t health insurance.  Medi-Share does not assume legal liability for your expenses.  That is a promise that the members make to each other subject to the terms of membership.  If you have a pre-existing condition, there are important restrictions on sharing that you need to understand before considering membership.

One of the benefits of using an independent representative like me is that we are able to help you carefully consider your options. I can assist you with either traditional health insurance, or Medi-Share! All you have to do is schedule a free consultation, and you don’t have to pay anything to use my services. I would love to answer your questions about Medi-Share, or any type of health insurance. If you are interested in applying online, all you have to do is use this link!